Vybz Kartel & Sikka Rymes Drops “Incredible” New Song

Vybz Kartel and Sikka Rymes are the perfect partners in crime as they collaborate once again on new single “Incredible.”

When you talk about Vybz Kartel, the entire Jamaica simultaneously bows down to show their love and respect. So beloved is the King of Dancehall that he can do no wrong even when he actually does something wrong. His musical power is so great that all his songs are instant hits even before listening. The Worl’Boss, as Kartel is also known, is credited with highlighting and promoting new artistes in the music industry, “giving them a buss.” The latest artiste to be privy to this incredible honor is deejay Sikka Rymes. He previously worked with Kartel on the song “Like I’m Superman,” which received a lot of love from the ladies.

Their latest track “Incredible” is also one intended for the ladies. With its smooth, mellow dance beat, it entrances the ladies and makes them fall in love. Kartel does what he does best, easily weaving his lyrics perfectly in time to the beat. On the track, The Teacha sings about his love for a woman and confesses what he thinks about her and how much he loves and wants to be with her as she’s so incredible.

Surprisingly, Sikka Rymes stands at the forefront on the track making the biggest impact with his verse as he sings with such a beautiful flow. “Girl things don’t change us, you’re colorful like a rainbow / If loving you girl is a crime mi nuh mind put on the handcuff / yuh pretty smile outrageous and your loving contagious / So when you tell me you love me / girl yuh so different so mi affi tell the world about you / things girls do you don’t do not like you can’t but you won’t do,” he deejays.

The track was dropped on Friday, March 13, on the Incredible Riddim and it was produced by TJ Records. Fans have been lining the comment section with statements alluding to the fact that Vybz Kartel is greater than the pandemic current taking over the world, the Coronavirus. Obviously, his fans have a huge sense of humor and a lot of love for him.

Check out “Incredible” now.