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Kehlani Sings About “Toxic” Relationship In New Song

Kehlani comes through dropping another banger to have us all in our feelings with “Toxic.”

Known for her raw and passionate real-life lyrics, Kehlani has a voice like an angel. She is able to soothe and destroy one’s emotions at the flip of a switch. She always lends her pure voice to beats that pair so well with the message she is singing. Her latest track, “Toxic” is one such song. The beat of the track helps to tell the story, and any listener will instantly be captivated. When that beat drops, you very well may just break down in tears, break all s**t or have crazy make-up sex on the floor, whichever floats your boat.

Kehlani delivers heaven and grace on the vocals, and fans are in love with the song. She is being praised for always making down to earth and relatable music that makes even the gangsters want to fall in love. With the aide of rapper Ty Dolla $ign, who vocalizes on the track so perfectly with Kehlani, this song is a definite hit. Ty and Kehlani have worked before on their hit song “Nights Like This.”

Warning! This track may actually cause you to take your ex back, as Kehlani sings, “All of this love is toxic, All these kisses and hugs is not s**t / You a damn drug, you’re toxic… / Put the p***y away for you, Thinkin’ I would wait for you / And now that damn Julio made me a fool for you / And now I might hit your phone up / With that ra-ra-ra, missin’ my da-da-da Missin’ that a-a-a.”

The track has received over 274 thousand views since being released on the 12th of March.

“Toxic” is available for streaming on Youtube.