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2 Chainz Respond To Blacklash Over Thirsty Comments On Rapper Lil Quii Pics

2 Chainz got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, or at least, so it seemed.

The Atlanta rapper found himself in a very weird position yesterday after commenting on some rather racy images of rapper/stripper/Instagram model Lil Quii, who was posing in nothing but strings and denim. If we are to assess the emojis 2 Chainz used, he was both shocked and embarrassed about the images she shared. He followed his expressive emojis with “Gullll.”

His comment did not sit well with his fans, who reminded him that he had a wife. The legendary trap star married his longtime girlfriend and mother of his three kids, Kesha Ward, in 2018. Kesha has done her fair share to keep her personal life out of the media, however, trouble has a way of finding you even when you are not looking for it.

While 2 Chainz was not keen about addressing what he and many others dubbed as a misunderstanding, he decided to do it for his wife. He posted a screenshot of a business conversation he and Lil Quii shared only a few days before his comment found it’s way on blog platforms. Lil Quii herself was annoyed messaging Chainz, “Folks be reaching bra they tripping on god.”

He elaborated in the caption mentioning the popular blog the comment was shared on, “Y’all keep hitting me up about that lame a** S**t @theshaderoom posted about me and @customizeeme we been working on her project and working on getting her out her current deal, now that I explained that and I HATE TO EXPLAIN S**T !! But when Kesha had folks calling her and talking s**t had to straighten it !! A bunch lonely, jealous, no having a** h*es!!”

Now that Tity Boi has cleared up any speculations of him falling for a thirst trap, its back to work for the rapper who has been releasing new music more frequently since the start of 2020.