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Megan Thee Stallion Gets Wild In “Captain Hook” Visual

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion goes wild in the studio for her new single “Captain Hook.”

On March 6th, 2020, Megan released her 9-song EP Suga after her label forbade her from releasing new music. Megan Thee Stallion struggled through a tumultuous lawsuit with her label which subsequently resulted in a judge allowing her to release the EP. She has stated that her debut album is still in the works. “B.I.T.C.H.” is the lead single from the EP with “Captain Hook” being the second. The video for “Captain Hook” was released on March 10th on YouTube and in less than 24 hours it is nearing the 1 million views mark with 850 thousand at the time of this post.

In the video, a skimpily clad Megan in her signature booty shorts can be seen in the studio writing lyrics and rapping the song while her friend hypes her up. Later she is joined by multiple men and women and they all begin dancing crazily around the studio. “Captain Hook” is definitely a catchy and rhythmic track coupled with a sick dance beat sure to have all women twerking like Megan.

Fans are loving the video and the lyrics of the song as they applaud Meg for always speaking her mind and doing what she wants to. They admire that she always has her friends in her videos and love the girl power it represents. Fans are dubbing this track one of Megan’s best thus far. The video was even directed by Megan Thee Stallion herself.

“I’m a hot girl, don’t try it at home / I wear the sh*t that be showing my thong / I like to drink and I like to have sex/ I f*ck the n*ggas that’s cutting the checks / Dance on the d*ck, no you been served/ I like a d*ck with a little bit of curve /Hit this p*ssy with an uppercut / Call that n*gga Captain Hook,” she raps while bopping to the beat.

Megan has also started a dance challenge for “Captain Hook” so be on the lookout for that to go viral.

Take a look at the crazy video for “Captain Hook” below.