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Shenseea’s “Sidechick Song” Is Top Trending Dancehall Track This Week

Dancehall’s princess, Shenseea, has the top trending dancehall single this week, “The Sidechick Song.”

The track has received an incredible number of views since it was dropped on March 7th. In just two days, it is at 800 thousand views on YouTube and is currently standing strong at the #1 Trending position on YouTube. However, many of these views are of disapproving fans that do not respect nor uphold the concept of the song, which is being hailed as the official side-chick anthem. Many debates are taking place within the comment section as people share their opinions of sidechicks and break down Shenyeng’s lyrics, which state that all men cheat so she would rather be the sidepiece than the wife being cheated on. She makes it known that she is well aware of her worth but that she has fallen in love with another woman’s man, so she is willing to make it work even though she is unable to celebrate big events with him or post him on social media.

This song is right on time with the huge upsurge of sidechick and sideman stories that have been taking over social media as of late. Valentine’s Day saw many back and forth arguments between wives and sidechicks on popular social media platforms and blogs, which no doubt Shenseea witnessed. This concept of hers will definitely ruffle a lot of feathers, but there are some that praise her for speaking the truth.

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“Mi have a man weh have a woman weh no know ’bout mi, Mi know she but she no know mi / The b*ddy make mi happy though mi no own it / This a the original sidechick song mi up inna mi feelings fi a next gyal man / Mi no like bun if yuh lie mi no forgive so mi feel a like betta if a me him cheat with / When you addi wife you no know who him a frig Oo wen you deh pon the side a you him a tell everything,” Shenyeng sings.

Broader discussions are taking place about the concept of the song, but we’ll leave that for the comment section. Instead, we’ll focus on the catchy lyrics and fun beat of the song which was produced by Attomatic Records and Romeichentertainment. The video was directed by Shenseea, RD Studios and Ruptiondiboss. The video visuals are well done and fall nicely in line with the concept of the video. The video showcases Shenseea waking up after a weekend with her boo, then she realizes that her boo has left his wallet. Upon opening it, Shenseea is met with a photo of her boo with his wife, and thus Shenyeng video calls her two best friends to sing about her sidechick struggles. At the end of the video, Shenseea’s son makes an appearance asking her if they can go home now as her fun weekend is now over.

We’re sure this song will be the topic of discussion for many days to come. Check out “The Sidechick Song” below.