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Lil Baby Disses Baby Mama In Fire Freestyle, She Respond

Lil Baby got into it with his baby mother after his comments about her in a freestyle.

Since releasing My Turn, Lil Baby has been keeping the buzz going with his media run while delivering visuals to keep things interesting. During a recent freestyle session on Funk Flex, the rapper spit some lyrics that threw some major shade at his child’s mother. “I just spent 20 racks on my kid outfit / Baby mama bum she ain’t got sh*t / why you tell my son that I am not sh*t / You know I’m the reason that he got sh*t,” Lil Baby raps.

The mother of the rapper’s first child Ayesha did not take kindly to his remarks. The mother of Lil Baby’s son, Ayesha, took to Instagram where she shared a lengthy statement addressing the situation. “I never been a bitter baby momma,” she wrote on her IG Story. “I’ve never kept my son away from his father.”

Ayesha added that she has been dealing with the situation with Lil Baby mature and that the only thing she’s guilty of is stop making herself accessible to the rapper who she shares a child with. She also warned him that his rap could potentially cause him some legal troubles in the form of a defamation lawsuit.

Though Lil Baby has two sons, the second was only born about a year ago, so it is believed that it couldn’t be clearer who he could be talking about. The rapper has yet to respond to his baby mother’s statement. Check out precisely what she said here.