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Vybz Kartel Tribute The Ladies In New Song “Our Girl”

Sharing is caring is the motto Vybz Kartel lives by, at least when it comes to other people’s partners. This time around, The Teacha details his womanizing ways in this new track, “Our Girl.”

Surprisingly the song is more of a chronicle about the floozy type behavior of the main female subject in Vybz Kartel’s story. “Member fi look bad gyal at your own risk,” is one of the main clues which shows that the female in question is all about having fun, and not just with Vybz Kartel. It is a twisted love pattern involving someone’s significant other who is keeping it casual with a few others. Sadly, Vybz Kartel runs into an issue as one of her suitors decides to tell the main man about what is happening.

The Worl’boss also ensured it featured something about his baby mother. He deejays, “Put a smile on me baby mother face Tanesha, anywhere she see me she a bawl out Teacha.”

“Our Girl” is a whole soap opera episode wrapped up into a creatively crafted 2 minutes 40 seconds song done by Vybz Kartel. Production is handled by Drop Top Records in association with Karey Records and is being distributed by Johnny Wonder 21 Digital.

The track is now available for streaming on Youtube.