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Lil Yachty Fires Back Against Jeweler In Lawsuit, Says He Already Paid Half Of Debt

Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty’s jewelry fiasco continues and he is now arguing he should not be forced into a default judgment over an unpaid jewelry debt.

It maybe 2020, but it looks like Lil Yatchy is still dealing with the drama from 2019. The 22-year-old rapper, who loves his bling, was accused of skipping out on more than $233,000 worth of jewelry in a lawsuit filed last November. Guven’s Fine Jewelry alleged the Georgia-rapper supposedly tried to clear a $233,000 debt with a $70,000 bad check.

The jeweler goes on to say that when he asked Lil Yachty about the debt he got a boatload of excuses that ranged from, “I have had many bills to pay, taxes, debt, etc.” He even claimed that Yachty shared that he had fallen on hard times financially and allegedly said, “The teeth I just got I traded jewelry for.”

Lil YachtyAccording to legal documents obtained by Bossip, Guven’s supplied the rapper with more than 20 pieces since establishing a relationship in 2017, including a $175,000 white gold diamond ring, a rose gold Patek Philippe watch for $195,000, a white gold Rolex for $95,000, and a white gold diamond tennis bracelet for $200,000.

Lil Yachty said that’s CAP, and insist he was overcharged.

Last year, Yachty detailed in his Instagram story his version of the incident. He claimed the $70,000 check came from his mother. He also accused Guven of overpricing the jewelry, which led to him not paying.

“I’ve paid Jon [Guven] over $900,000 and I got receipts because I don’t carry cash,” he explained. “I pay [for] everything with credit and checks. So in the case that I wrote him a $70,000 check, first off, I don’t write checks. My momma writes checks. I never wrote that man a check ever in my life. My mother wrote him a check a year ago for something that she was doing out of her bank account. And she spelled his name wrong on the check.”

One year later and he is sticking to his story, and according to legal document the hip-hop star is arguing that the missing sum is a result of Guven’s fraudulent and unethical actions. The lawsuit states that Yachty paid more than half of his $600,000 debt, but he is fighting Guven’s request for a default judgment to be issued against him to cough up the remainder.