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Chief Keef Threatens Anyone Who Say Fredo Santana Died From Drugs

Chief Keef won’t stand on the sidelines and watch his late cousin Fredo Santana’s name be disrespected.

Losing a loved one is hard! Sadly, the invention of social media sometimes makes it even harder to just put the past behind you and move on with your life, imagine being a celebrity who is known worldwide. Rapper Fredo Santana died as a result of a cardiovascular failure after he suffered a seizure back in 2018. Fellow rapper cousin, Chief Keef, has taken up the mantle to defend his cousin’s name even in death.

Fredo Santana faced his fair share of challenges with his vices such as Xanax and lean, and sadly they were the most likely culprit in his demise. This was allegedly the same deadly cocktail that kept him hospitalized with liver and kidney failure only months before his passing.

While the information surrounding his death seems like an open and closed case, cousin Chief Keef is singing a different tune that Santana did not lie from the deadly cocktail, and he’s willing to put some paws on anyone who goes against that notion.

He tweeted, “N***as say my cousin died of lean again and he didn’t I’m f***ing beating they a*s.”

Santana was just finding the right gear in the realm of hip hop, as the Chi-town native appeared in Drake’s music video for “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” Many hip hop players paid homage to the dead rapper, including the likes of Drake and 50 Cent, whom Fredo wanted to collaborate. After his death, Fif wrote, “Fredo stood out to me. I was like, now that n**** crazy and I’m a little crazy so l watched him. When he said he looked up to me, l wanted to work with him but we didn’t get the chance to do anything. When l heard he passed l didn’t know what to say. To his family l send my condolence. SOSA call my phone.”

Untimely deaths are hard to battle, and it seems Chief Keef is asking everyone to be respectful of the dead, and if you are not able to, just be quiet or else.