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Boogie Dash Opening New Sober Living House After Struggles With Substance Abuse

Dame Dash son Boogie Dash opening a sober living house following his own struggles with substance abuse.

Dame Dash has been in the headlines lately like it’s 1999. He’s involved in several lawsuits at the moment, including one with the production company behind Growing Up Hip Hop, which he appears on with his kids, Dame Dash “Boogie” Jr, and Ava. In the lawsuit, Dash claims that WETV broke a verbal agreement that he had with them regarding the filming with his son, who has a history of substance abuse.

Boogie, 28, has been very open on the show about his struggles with drugs and alcohol. He even allowed WETv to chronicle his journey and openly attended a rehab program. In recent months he has been vocal about wanting to start his own rehab facility, and by the looks of it, he is moving in the right direction.

Boogie posted a picture on Instagram of him and Ava standing in front of a house with the caption, “So this was a proud moment for me….I finally got a chance to take my lil sister to my first house that I ever bought! Not only is it my first house, it’s my business. A sober living. I’m out here trying to save the world and be a great big brother one day at a time.”

The siblings are very close and seem to have each other’s backs consistently, especially through Boogie’s substance abuse issues. Unfortunately, he says that their dad hasn’t always been as supportive as he would like for him to have been. In a recent episode of GUHH, they attended a therapy session with their dad, where Boogie says that Dame told him to “not come around until you fix yourself. Dame denied saying that, however, Ava backed up those claims and said that she had even heard him say that before.

Ava posted a comment underneath the Instagram post that said she loved her brother and was proud of him.

Boogie hasn’t yet released any other information about the facility that he is opening, but I’m sure we will hear more about it in the future. For now, let’s wish him the best throughout his recovery journey, especially as he pursues a career in helping others struggling.