Usain Bolt Hilariously Trolls Tom Brody For His Struggle 40-Yard Dash

Usain Bolt pic

Usain Bolt is critiquing the runs of some NFL greats, and he is not partial.

One of the fastest men of our time and one of the greatest athletes in history, Usain Bolt definitely has the authority to critique sprinting techniques. Yahoo! Sports recently caught up with the fastest man in the world for a quick session where he reviewed and judged the runs of some other iconic athletes. The Jamaican sprinter and multiple world titleholders watched three NFL players sprinting in the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine and weighed in on the performances.

The first of the three was the 40-yard dash world record holder himself John Ross, who plays for the Cincinnati Bengals. The track star critiqued that the American football player was leaning forward a bit too much for his taste and what he needed to do was really get up and run. “For me, he didn’t get into his running,” Bolt told the interviewer. “30 metres it’s good but you gotta get up and run.” he added. The distinguished Jamaican athlete also said that he could run the same time as John Ross while wearing joggers.

Usain was a bit less lenient in his appraisal for Tom Brady. When the clip of the New England Patriots star doing the 40-yard dash started, Bolt could not feign awe for the four-time Super Bowl MVP. “Oh my gosh. Everything is bad there, everything is bad there,” Bolt said as he cracked up laughing at Brady’s technique. He also laughed at the clip that featured Kansas City Chiefs player Chris Jones. In the video, the NFL player never made it past the finish line because he fell flat on his face trying to get there but Bolt didn’t judge him for that. “He’s just trying to get to the line though,” he said.

Usain could definitely help some of these NFL players with their sprinting technique. It seems Tom Brady might need it the most. Do you think he would take the legendary athlete up on it?