Tommy Lee Sparta Drops “Life Of A Spartan”

In ancient Greece, the people of Sparta were seen as true warriors, and their army was at the core of their civilization. This means that persons who showed themselves as true warriors were always revered and praised.

Jamaican dancehall artiste Tommy Lee has been using the Spartan reference ever since announcing his arrival onto the dancehall battleground. He is back with a new track titled, “Life of a Spartan,” which comes across as a way to pay respects to his ‘Spartan soldiers’. The song trods closer to the lines of a prayer than a song, as the Montego Bay deejay belts out long, somber cries, presumably to a higher being who he refers to as a father.

The cries are coming from a dark place of death, as Tommy confesses that too many of his friends have perished. For now, he’s all about preserving his life and walks with his weapon to ward off any attackers looking to take aim.

The song has a sense of power that only Tommy could deliver, as his raspy melodies help to convey the pain and hurt in his cries.

The track finds its place among other great songs aboard the Body Language Riddim produced by Naviigator Productions. The crew has done a fantastic job of choosing the right acts for their project, which is proving to be a worthwhile listening experience.