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Offset Speak On Making His Acting Debut In NCIS: Los Angeles With LL Cool J

Offset is moving up in the Hollywood ranks.

Offset is opening up about making his acting debut in an upcoming episode of NCIS: Los Angeles alongside legendary rapper turn actor, LL Cool J. The Migos member has already earned his reputation as a formidable rapper, laying down beats as part of the Georgia trio, and even released his own solo work last year. “Father of 4” performed fairly well for a debut studio album, peaking at number four on US Billboard 200 chart.

While he is in no way moving on from music, Offset is breaking into acting. The 28-year-old is set to make his acting debut on NCIS: Los Angeles. The investigative spin-off from the original NCIS began in 2009 and starred by LL Cool J, Chris O’Donnell, and Nia Long as agents of the LA Office of Special Projects who are tasked with and specializing in undercover assignments. Offset reportedly sought out LL Cool J and approached him for a role that would showcase his versatility.

“I never wanted to come into acting and put into this category of ‘You be the bad guy all the time,'” the rapper said. “I wanted to be able to show that I can do anything that someone sets in front of me. I was studying ’cause I wanted to make sure I fulfilled the whole role. I didn’t want to play. I’m doing all my own stunts.”

CBS released a clip from the upcoming episode, entitled “Alsiyadun,” in which Offset plays an undercover CIA agent named Kadri Kashan Khan who has worked for years in the Sinai Peninsula which the aim of embedding himself with the local tribes by smuggling contraband so that he can monitor terrorist activities and weapons movements in the region. Agents Hanna and Gallen, played by Cool and O’Connell respectively, approach Kadri to help them save a captured special agent.

Even Cool was impressed by Offset’s skills. “He’s completely breaking type which I think is great,” he said. It also now means that Cardi B, who recently starred in the film Hustlers, is not the only acting talent in the family.