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Is Usher Singing About Herpes In “Confessions Part 3”? Jermaine Dupri Responds

Is Usher singing about his possible herpes diagnosis in “Confession Part 3”? Jermaine Dupri has stepped forward to answer the speculations.

When it comes to the greatest R&B albums of all time, Usher has more than a few that can make that list. His 2004 release, Confessions, brought us some of the most memorable tracks of that decade, including “Yeah,” “Burn,” the “Confessions” interlude, and “Confessions Pt. 2”. Now, the hitmaker is teasing a new album with a sneak peek at a track that many people are calling “Confessions Pt. 3”. Usher serenaded a crowd on Monday during a performance at “Live from the Cricket Lounge” in Los Angeles, debuting a new song with lyrics that he challenged the audience to interpret.

In a clip of the performance, Usher sings, “Remember that time I was sitting up sick, couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night? / You said, ‘Babe, let me take you to the ER’/I said. ‘Nah, Ima be alright’ / Well, the next day I found out from fu**ing around that the sickness I had was life / And I was fixed to keeping the decision to keep it / Knowing I had to get rid of it.”

Moments later he referenced his old track, singing, “You thought what you put on me from Part 2 was the realest sh*t” As Usher sings, he motions as if he has a pregnant belly, suggesting that the song is being sung from the point of a view of a woman. He then teases the audience saying, “You realize what I just told you? You don’t realize it, huh?”

Fans who watched the clip immediately began speculating what the lyrics meant, some insisting that the song is about an abortion, while others think it is referring to an STD. Since Usher has a history of keeping it all the way real in his songs, anything is possible. Jermaine Dupri, the producer of Confessions Pt.1 & 2, shared the clip with the caption, “And you thought part 2 was the realest sh*t? #Confessions3”. Usher fans will be anxiously awaiting some answers from the superstar singer in the coming weeks.