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50 Cent Mourns Pop Smoke With A White T-Shirt

50 Cent continues to mourn Pop Smoke’s death.

Rapper Pop Smoke was on a meteoric rise to stardom when his young life was taken away on February 19, in an early morning attack at a California house that he was occupying. While his passing will definitely have a more adverse effect on his immediate friends and family, it doesn’t mean that persons outside of his circle are not also battling the pain and heartache brought about as a result of his death.

Being one of the pioneers of the drill rap era in NYC, his music offered something different from the genre of hip hop. His keen approach to the game made him an instant hit among his listeners, who gravitated to not only his uniquely deep voice but also his zest for knowledge, constantly asking questions to improve on himself.

These qualities made him not only loved by fans but also shared a special place in the hearts of other celebrities who he came in contact with. The likes of Nicki Minaj, Quavo, and so many others have publicly paid their respects to Smoke and his family. However, the young rapper shared a special bond with fellow New Yorker who is still finding ways to cope with the loss. The pain of his death hit harder for rapper 50 Cent, who saw a lot of himself in the slain 20-year-old.

During a Hot97 interview conducted before Pop Smoke’s death, 50 Cent praised the young rapper, to the point where some listeners questioned if the two were related. Ever since the tragic incident took place, 50 Cent has been paying his tributes on social media by posting various images of himself and Pop. Once of his most recent actions to honor the fallen soldier sees him wearing a white t-shirt with a printed photo of Pop Smoke with a halo above his head. He captioned the post, “I’m rocking dat young gangsta drip, New york New york.”

While Smoke’s Meet the Woo II project was just picking up steam, the rapper also had other unreleased songs stacked and ready. One of those tracks is the rapper’s 2018 remake of 50 Cent’s hit single “Many Men.” The original track detailed the 2000 incident that saw 50 Cent being shot 9 times outside his grandmother’s former home in South Jamaica, New York.