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Young M.A. Spits Lyrics In Jamaican Patois On “Tunn Up” With Red Cafe & Kojo Funds

Young M.A. has been on fire since the start of 2020, and the rapper is once again passing some of those flames to her fans.

This time the “Ooouuu” rapper partnered with UK rapper Kojo Funds and hopped onto Red Cafe’s new club anthem “Tunn Up.” While all the credits seem to have forgotten one of the participants, we also have vocals from Foreign Geechi, during the chorus of the song.

If the title of the track didn’t give away the Jamaican flavor, you might need to look into getting your Jamaican connection tested or changed, so that you can be better plugged into the culture. With that said, Kojo brings the Jamaican heat to the song. Jamaican culture and flavors are so bold that they tend to rub off on anything or anybody that gets close enough. What do we mean exactly?

Well our girl Young M.A. just could not resist trying her hand at some Jamaican patois as she rapped, “Bad gal turn up (Wa gwaan) / Spliff mi ah burn up, pull her skirt up /Toes, dem a kill out /Mi freaky, make them girls wet like Fiji.”

The track is itself laced with a dancehall vibe and is a reminder of how much Jamaican culture has influenced regions such as London and New York City.

The accompanying music video opens as Kojo and Red Cafe hold a quick chat in their truck, a short while after Cafe touches down in London. He asked Kojo for the hookup on some girls and that when the video takes us to the Libertine Club in London where a majority of the shots were taken.

“Tunn Up” is available for streaming on Youtube.