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Pop Smoke Cause Of Death Revealed As Family Seeks Answers

Pop Smoke autopsy results have been released as his family desperately seeks answers.

Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke’s death is still ripe in our minds, but as the days drag on, we’re starting to learn more about the murder that claimed the life of one of the most promising young rappers in the game. So far, we know that Pop was killed in what appears to be a targeted hit. At least four men did the job at his Hollywood Hills home, according to law enforcement sources, but we’ve yet to know who really wanted him dead.

Police also reported that the gunmen, who broke into the rapper’s rental property at approximately 4:30 AM Wednesday morning, fired off multiple rounds before fleeing on foot. A report from the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office now confirmed that Pop Smoke died from gunshot wounds to the torso. Another key piece of information revealed via XXL is that the “Dior” rapper died in the hospital, which means that he was still alive when paramedics arrived at his home to transport him to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. The rapper’s body has since been released to his family, who is now planning his funeral.

Pop Smoke’s rap career was just picking up steam with the release of his new album Meet The Woo 2, getting a lot of attention. The Brooklyn native has been developing a massive following despite the fact that he had only started rapping fourteen months before his death. Since his passing, his Instagram page gained half a million new followers, and his new album surged on the charts.

2020 would’ve been a massive year for Pop Smoke had he not cut down at the young age of 20. We continue to send our prayers and well wishes for his family and fans who are in mourning.