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Love & Hip Hop ATL: Sierra Gates Enrolls Daughter In Private School After Attack

Just a few weeks after her daughter was assaulted, Sierra Gate is pulling her completely out of public school and has enrolled her in private school.

Last month Gates’ daughter was attacked during the middle of the school day by the mother of another student. The girl suffered multiple injuries in the incident, including a black eye and bruising. In the aftermath of that incident, Gates took to social media to speak about how she felt that the school was at fault for not appropriately securing the safety of her daughter. The woman who allegedly attacked the daughter of the Love and Hip Hop star was arrested in January and faced multiple charges stemming from the attack.

Now, Gates has shared on her Instagram that she has enrolled her 15-year-old daughter into private school. She posted a screenshot from a Facetime call with her daughter with the caption, “My baby Paris’ first day of private school. She’s happy, I’m happy.”

Gates was incredibly emotional when the incident first occurred, and admitted that the whole situation had been really hard and emotional for her. In a lengthy Instagram post, she said that she was “heartbroken”, and asked for her followers and fans to keep her in their prayers.

At this time, there has been no word on whether or not Gates will pursue any legal action against the school for not effectively ensuring her daughter’s safety. The adult charged in the attack, Treon F. Ponder, turned herself in to authorities a couple of days after the incident. Her charges include counts of battery, disrupting public school, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. There has yet to be any new information released from the school about how the woman was able to get on the campus, or how she was able to get off before getting apprehended by the police.