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Love & Hip Hop ATL: Woman Who Attacked Sierra Gates’ Daughter Arrested & Charged

The woman who allegedly attacked the daughter of Love and Hip Hop Star, Sierra Gates, has officially arrested and faces multiple charges.

As we previously reported, when a verbal argument between Sierra’s daughter and another student at North Atlanta High School turned physical, the student snuck her mother onto school grounds. During lunch, a fight broke out between the two girls and the mother intervened, hitting Sierra’s daughter multiple times. The woman caused multiple injuries to the girl, including a black eye, scratches, and contusions to the side of her face and head. Although the fight was promptly broken up, the woman was able to escape off of the campus before authorities arrived.

Now, according to Fulton County jail records, Treon F. Ponder turned herself in to authorities late Thursday evening after school police issued a warrant for her arrest. She faces multiple charges, including counts of battery, disrupting public school and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The woman was granted bail to the tune of $4,000 but as of Friday she was still behind bars.

School police Chief Ron Applin released a statement saying, “We’re not going to sit by and allow people to come into our school and do harm to threaten our students,… you come into our schools, put your hands on any of our kids, put your hands on any of our faculty staff members, we intend to put you in jail.”

The students involved in the fight, including Sierra’s daughter, could face disciplinary actions as well after the investigation is complete.

At this time, authorities still aren’t sure exactly how the woman was able to get on and off campus. Sierra has been very vocal about the incident on social media, and says at this point she’s only concerned about the wellbeing of her daughter. In a lengthy Instagram post she says, “I’m heartbroken and very upset as a mother it’s taking everything in me to keep this civil I truly understand this is a test from God y’all keep me in your prayers.”

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My daughter was “NOT” the aggressor. I got a text from my baby at 10:00am saying ma this girl keep harassing me on my ig & text saying she wants to fight. She also called her dad. I told her to try to avoid her tell someone and I’ll be there as soon as I get off work. I literally was getting off work in a hour. At 12 noon I got another call from my baby screaming saying ma the girl mama up here in the bathroom trying to fight. I asked to speak to the parent to try to reason so she wouldn’t hit my baby 2 mins later the phone dropped and the lady and her daughter was attacking my baby. North Atlanta high #1 an adult should never be able to walk into a school unattended I’m scared for my child and the other children’s safety. #2 the school let this lady run off school grounds with a clear get away after attacking my child. #3 I had to raise hell just to get a police report and when I finally got the report they didn’t even want to put on the report that it was a battery to a minor. So yes I’m am very upset I am a mother 1st I would never put my hands on someone else’s child and I chose #northatlantahighschool thinking it was one of Atlanta’s best schools, & they allowed my daughter to be attacked by an adult. I’m heart broken and very upset as a mother it’s taking everything in me to keep this civil I truly understand this is a test from God y’all keep me in your prayers?? thanks to my attorney @adamma_esq for always having my back.

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