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Spice Drops Fire Freestyle “02.20.2020” Plus Giving Away $400K To Fans

Spice release a fire freestyle single called “02.20.2020,” taking aim at her haters.

Dancehall queen Spice surely made the day a more fruitful and enjoyable one for a lot of her fans as she cooked up the ultimate challenge of 2020. It all started when Spice woke up on February 20, 2020, and released the music video for her epic new freestyle, aptly titled “02.20.2020.” Before we go any further, yes, the numbers 20 will be mentioned a whole lot through this piece, so buckle up and let us proceed.

I think it’s only fitting to discuss the sheer brilliance of the freestyle as the reigning Queen of the Dancehall dropped rapid flowing bar like hotcakes, not allowing your mind to cool before hitting you like DJ K., with another one. She went for her haters without vengeance and even discussed just how she carved out a piece of the dancehall space for herself. As much as we would love to capture a few of the lyrics and insert them here, it would spoil the fun of the competition. Along with the release of the official music video, Spice also posted a flyer advertising that she would be giving away 20,000.00 JMD to the first 20 persons who are able to follow the lyrics to the new track.

Each contestant was required to submit a video of themselves deejaying the lyrics. Spice wanted all the contestants to be as comfortable as possible. Therefore, she provided the option to use the actual track for the song. The winning contestants were set to receive their hard-earned money through one of the following transfer options, Western Union, Money Gram, or PayPal.

The stage was set for a day of epic proportion as contestant after contestant put their pride and deejay skills on the line. It’s safe to say that some of the participants nailed their performances and were well deserving of the 20K, meanwhile a few faced the brunt of the judges. Spice’s Instagram followers handled the gavel all day, determining who was to be awarded the money. It was a day filled with fun and excitement and really showcased just how creative Spice can get.

Aside from the challenge, the official video was cleverly put together. Viewers got the chance to see Spice parading around her lush apartment in her silk robe, as she delivered bars behind bars without a chorus.

The “Cool It” deejay took one last “L” on her haters before flushing her water closet to end the video.