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Diddy Deletes Lauren London Photo After Backlash Over Dating Rumors

Nipsey Hussle fans forced Diddy to delete photos of Lauren London from Instagram after getting backlash over dating rumors.

Diddy is dealing with backlash after choosing to post a couple pictures alongside Lauren London that some say are suggestive of a romance between the two. Puff posted a pair of shots of him and Lauren at JAY-Z’s Roc Nation Pre-Grammy Brunch last month, one showing the friends talking and smiling, and the other depicting Diddy looking at London fondly as she walks away. Diddy captioned the photos, “#lostfiles…@laurenlondon,” followed by a blue heart emoji.

The rumors quickly began flying that the post was meant to be flirtatious, with many fans criticizing Diddy for getting at Lauren so soon after the death of her long-time partner, Nipsey Hussle. Folks on social media accused Diddy of being disrespectful, saying, “Woahh. Nipsey’s watching,” and, “Diddy and Lauren London are NOT dating. Y’all weird & Diddy is messy as f**k for even putting that sh*t out there like that. Clown a**.”

Diddy eventually took down the post, but apparently not before Lauren caught wind of what was being said about her personal life. The actress took to social media herself to address everyone who has an opinion without knowing the facts. She also posted a pic of Nipsey Hussle while letting everyone know that he is still her king.

Only an hour before, Lauren made another subtle comment about the accusations, posting a picture of Nipsey with the caption, “Still His! King Ermias! Never forget!” It seems Lauren wants to make it very clear that she is still grieving her lost love and not in the market for a new romance. Diddy’s post was likely an innocent gesture, but his timing was all off.

The bottom line is people should let Lauren London mourn the loss of the love of her life in peace. The hip hop community is still mourning the death of the Crenshaw rapper almost a year later.