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Nick Cannon Says Eminem Pioneers Pill Popping In Rap

It was wishful thinking to hope that the Nick Cannon and Eminem beef had blown over.

To be fair, it was Eminem who re-ignited the feud that had been lying dormant for a decade. His track with Fat Joe, which was released in December, entitled “Lord Above,” pulled the bandaid off the Eminem-Nick Cannon-Mariah Carey beef that first began in 2009 after Marshall Mathers claimed that he had previously dated Mimi for six months. She flat-out denied this, accusing him of being “obsessed” with her. As “The Masked Singer” host was married to Mariah Carey at the time, he weighed in on the controversy from his wife’s corner.

The lyrics to “Lord Above” state: “I know me and Mariah didn’t end on a high note / But that other dude’s whipped, that p**** got him neutered / Tried to tell him this chick’s a nut job before he got his jewels clipped / Almost got my caboose kicked, fool, quit, you not gon’ do s*** / I let her chop my balls off, too ‘fore I lost to you, Nick.” It’s no surprise Mr. Cannon hit back. Taking to the studio, Nick Cannon releases a series of diss tracks aimed at Em — not one of which the Grammy Award winner responded to. Nick’s last salvo was that Eminem is racist and compared him to the KKK. Yeesh.

The 39-year-old made another accusation just this week, claiming that Eminem is partly responsible for the mass use of drugs on the hip hop scene. Em has not been shy about his narcotic-laden history, admitting that he was previously addicted to a variety of prescription pills. He has, however, been sober for almost 12 years.

During an interview with VladTV, Nick said, “[It’s been going on] since certain artists started glorifying drug culture, and doing drugs. Who is the first rapper you heard popping pills?” When Vlad answered “Eminem,” Nick shot him a look that signaled he agreed.

Although drugs have been an undeniable part of the genre for years, Juice Wrld’s untimely death due to prescription meds just last year seems to have created somewhat of a shift with many artists vowing to forgo the narcotics.