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50 Cent Blast Mase For Criticizing Diddy But Doing Same Thing To Fivio Foreign

50 Cent sounds off on Mase, who recently criticized his former friend/mentor Diddy for predatory business practices when it comes to artistes.

Despite a long-running rivalry between the two hip hop powerhouses, 50 Cent defended Diddy in a Cigar Talk interview against accusations recently made by Mase. It all started when Diddy gave a riveting acceptance speech after winning the Icon Award at the pre-Grammys Clive Davis Gala, where he criticized the Grammys as an institution that fails to recognize and respect black music.

Rap legend Mase, who was one of the biggest names of Bad Boy Records back in the day, quickly took to social media to call out Puff for hypocrisy, saying that he signed him to an unfair deal and continues to refuse to sell him back his publishing rights. Now, 50 Cent has responded to the dispute by calling out Mase for hypocrisy himself, saying that he’s been mistreating his own artist, a Brooklyn rapper named Fivio Foreign.

While Mase claimed that Diddy isn’t truly for the success of black artists since he denied him access to his publishing, saying that he couldn’t outbid a “EUROPEAN MAN,” 50 Cent seems to think it’s all business. Fifty elaborated on the situation, saying, “This is just personal sh*t between the two of them and those feelings are there because they have dealt with each other for years and years and years…When he’s pointing out the publishing sh*t, he’s doing the same sh*t to young boys now. Fivio. He’s doing the same sh*t that they did to you, boy.”

Fifty also went on to argue that sometimes making it in the music industry means taking less than what your worth to get started, saying, “Things you go through make you who you are. At that point, when he did the deal, that’s the right deal. If you ask me if Fivio did the right deal, I’d say yeah.” So far, there hasn’t been any legitimate legal proof that Mase owns the rights to Fivio’s publishing, although Fifty has mentioned this business deal before in past interviews.