Popcaan Trolls Mavado On IG With This Hilarious Clip, Did He Reignited Their Beef?

It appears Popcaan and Mavado may be heading for another huge showdown, perhaps one that will culminate at the upcoming Sting 2020 on Boxing Day.

Hostility is brewing after Popcaan posted a video clip on his Instagram page of a woman fast asleep at a party in a nightclub, as one of Mavado’s songs plays in the background. Suddenly the music switches to Popcaan’s hit “Family,” and the woman immediately jumps up and begins to scream wildly with seeming excitement.

Popcaan captioned the video: “She don’t want to hear no f**kery…trouble”, along with some laughing emoticons, setting off a virtual firestorm. Some his non-Jamaican followers apparently not knowing of the longstanding beef with himself and Mavado, heaped praises on the St. Thomas native, claiming that the reaction of the woman is similar to theirs when they hear his songs being played.

However, the Gully Gad’s associates have not taken the diss lightly and threatened a full-scale war on Popcaan, of a higher proportion than the first warfare which mushroomed between the two in 2016. Late last evening, there were two posts from Mavado-affiliated Instagram page mavadogully_news, which has more than 90,000 followers.

“One shot one kill. Can’t war with the general poppy show nuh inna my league. Mi gang ready #gullyside” one of the posts, which featured an audio clip from Mavado’s tune ‘Funeral’ read.

The other post which featured lines from “Dem Dead Already” was captioned, “You no man? You fi stop trace poppy show; mind me buss a shot inna yuh frock face; mek mi rise every from outta di gully send you six foot deep between black space. None of yuh friend can’t war p*ssy when you see me try harm me Gullyside kill you an yuh army.”

At dawn today, there was another attack from one of Mavado’s prominent fan pages. The page featured an old video clip of one of Kartel’s song singing the line: “mi naw tell no lie, mi nuh trust Popcaan.” Popcaan’s official page was tagged in that post, as well as another in which other unmentionable abuses were hurled at the Raving artiste and his mother.

The same page also posted on Popcaan’s original post, a statement which read: “@popcaanmusic U can always read and delete yuh little germs.”

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she don’t want to hear no fuckry?????????????trouble

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On Popcaan’s official page, Gully Gad’s army was on the warpath. Some of them unleashed their wrath on Reggae artiste Jesse Royal who had reacted to Popcaan’s post with several high-fives and laughing emoticons, claiming they expected better from him as a Rastaman.

“You naw hold no medz. This not who I knew and respected, but you a youth. Still do you thing!” one fan said while taking aim at Jesse Royal, to which the “Modern Day Judas” artiste responded: “Weh yuh know me from ute? Lockk off!”

Another follower also blasted the Rastafarian singer for getting involved in the ‘cass-cass’ she claimed was being instigated by Popcaan.

“Whatever happen to Rastaman nuh mix up inna bangarang? Or dat a nuhfi di new school Rasa dem?” the female fan asked.

However, the brunt of the verbal attacks was reserved for Popcaan. Several fans of Mavado declared that he should not wave the white flag of peace as he had done in 2016 when Mavado and subsequently Alkaline, went on a lyrical rampage against him.

“You sawf, fraid fi clash but love the social media antics,” one fan told the artiste while another wrote: “Popcaan, you nuh tired fe Mavado beat and teach you?”