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Nicki Minaj Living Her Best Life As Kenneth ‘Zoo’ Petty’s Wife

It looks like Nicki Minaj is really enjoying life as a wife.

This past Valentine’s day seemed to be quite an eventful one among the celebrities of the world. While the weekend saw some couples separate, it was a drunken love celebration for some others. Nicki Minaj, who got married last year to her now-husband Kenneth Petty, appears to be among the stars who had a wonderful time this weekend as she celebrated her first Valentine’s Day as a married woman.

The “Yikes” rapper took to Instagram to share a photo from the festivities where she admitted that everyone was a little turnt. In the photo, a smizing Nicki is posted up in front of her husband at a slightly slanted angle as he hugs onto her hips from behind and smiles down at her. The Queen radio star is clad in a fur jacket and Burberry boots, and we assume there is some Fendi going on in the outfit somewhere based on the rapper’s association with and love for the brand, along with a Louis V clutch.

Nicki shared a quick laugh with what she scribed alongside the photo of her and her husband. “When you let ya man drunk friend take y’all pics,” she wrote in the caption. “I got 2 days of pics that all look like this. But there’s a lot to celebrate. #Yikes deleting this soon lol,” the rapper said. Of course, like every other post and delete social media appearances by celebrities, it was quickly screenshot and started making the rounds online.

It’s no secret that Nicki Minaj has always dreamed of getting married and starting a family, and it’s so awesome to see her in this chapter of her life. Even though she scared us for a second when she hinted at retirement, it looks like we still have a lot to look forward to from the Barbz leader, hopefully, even after children.

Nicki Minaj also posted thus raunchy video on the Gram while giving us a glimpse of what he Valentine’s weekend activities might’ve been like.

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