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Pop Smoke Spazzes On Photographer For Taking Ugly Photos Of Him

Pop Smoke feels he needs to be seen in the most flattering light at all times.

Proving that even rappers can be vain, New York rapper Pop Smoke was apparently displeased with some pictures taken of him at a meet-and-greet event in Virginia. The Brooklyn MC went straight to the photographer behind the unflattering shots on Twitter, calling him out for making him look bad. The man behind the camera, Paris Marley, posted a Twitter conversation between him and Smoke over the issue of the photos.

The exchange began with Pop Smoke writing, “Yo you tryna disrespect me cuz. Why you posting pics like this of me.” Marley replied to the message, saying, “Wym I’m trynna disrespect. You don’t like? I’ll take them down.” Seeming to think he had intimidated Marley into removing the photos, Smoke added, “Take it down homie. Don’t ever try to play me like that.”

Unfortunately for Pop Smoke, Marley had no intentions of taking the photos down, and instead replied, “U played yourself that’s how u look, f*ck wrong wit you”, before posting the pictures alongside screenshot of their conversation and a caption that read, “This ni**a Pop Smoke was really mad because he ugly…this sh*t took me out #Va #PopSmoke #757”.

The pictures in question show Smoke with a series of poorly-timed faces, including a shot that seems to be taken when he was mid-blink.

Paris also posted a video of Pop talking about the incident, saying, “Caught me on some funny face a**…you film me all looking crazy and sh*t. You got that. You got that. Guess what? Meet The Woo 2 still No. 1 in Canada. No. 2 in the U.S. Come on? What you tellin’ me? Go on. Suck my d*ck.”

Despite the success of Smoke’s new album, it seems Paris Marley isn’t going to let anyone give him artistic direction. The photographer captioned the video, “F*ck it there go the pics. He went too far disrespecting me #Shotbypmarley DON’T COME TO VA!”.