Vybz Kartel Message To Black Women, Black Men Not The Enemy, “Round here we EQUALS!”

Vybz Kartel black women

Vybz Kartel is using Instagram to make a political statement about women’s rights.

Are black women capping on women’s rights? Vybz Kartel has always been a very articulate and intelligent artist, but he is not always vocal about certain political rights issues. In a rare moment on Instagram, the incarcerated deejay posted a lengthy caption dropping knowledge about women’s rights and the difference as it applies to black history verses in the U.S. history.

The photo the deejay posted read: “From wehday… me notice black women taking up this women’s rights bullsh*t. So black women let me ask you a question…. what does the black man own that he can use to systematically oppress you? Absolutely nothing! So chill the f**k out and come let’s build the black family TOGETHER cause round here we EQUALS!”

In his caution, Vybz Kartel talked about the black community’s brainwashed perspective of what the essence of women’s rights is.

In a now-deleted post, the dancehall star wrote in his caption, “White women had to fight for the right to vote, (black men could even vote before white women) the right to wear pants (it wasn’t allowed in the u.s. senate till 1993!) They couldnt serve on jurys, couldnt get a credit card in their own name till around 1974! Before that Becky needed her husband’s signature to get there are tons of other things that white women had to fight for but,” he continued to his the point he had been steering his argument towards. “Black men have no systematic power to hold our women down even if we wanted to!.. WHICH WE DONT.”

According to Vybz Kartel, we are adapting problematic practices from a different culture when the nature of our own had the best foundation of all with family at the forefront and equality at the hearts of their strength.

“Africa has never practiced gender superiority at any point in HER history so careful what the media brainwashes you to believe,” Kartel wrote. “After all, they already f**ked us with slavery, jim crow, the civil rights bill (which was not a humanitarian clause but a COMMERCE CLAUSE), affirmative action and now multi culturalism. For me its #FamilyFirst so mi fly or sink with mi woman.”

This is the side of Vybz Kartel that we love to see. The side that drops knowledge on the youth while inspiring them to unite and build together. More of this in 2020, please.