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Koffee Gets Heroes Welcome By Jamaica PM After Historic Grammy Win

Koffee is already a national treasure at the age of 19.

There is nothing like our beloved Jamaican Blue Mountain Koffee. I’m sure the Prime Minister, the Honorable BroGad himself, Andrew Holness, has a jar or a few sachets in his place of residence. However, today it was all about a different coffee for the Prime Minister and crew. Today saw them consuming the love, smiles, and kind words of the Grammy Winning, reggae sensation Koffee.

The world has watched as young Koffee’s talent as brewed to perfection, with the Grammy Awards being the cream and sugar to sweeten the deal. During the 62 Staging of the Grammy Awards kept in Los Angeles, Koffee broke the record of being the youngest person at 19 years of age, to win a Grammy. She then doubled down her record-breaking powers, as she is also the only female act to win in the category of Best Reggae album.

Koffee has made Jamaicans and the diaspora proud by constantly representing brand Jamaica wherever she performs, so it’s no surprise The Prime Minister wanted to thank Koffee in person. The images coming out of the meetup show Koffee showing off her vibrant smile as she hugs the towering Mr. Holness and accepts the gift presented to her.

It was not only the Prime Minister who wanted to share in the awesomeness of Koffee as a couple of the slides show that other members of parliament wanted to get in on the action. It was a full house as we saw the likes of Hon. Daryl Vaz, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Hon. Olivia Grange, Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett and quite a few other ministers, posing for a group picture, with Koffee and her mom being smack in the center.

There was clearly a lot of love to go around, and the Prime Minister’s caption below the post he shared was filled with even more kind words for Koffee. “I am extremely proud of Koffee’s historic achievement; having someone as youthful and creative as her with such powerful melodies that are appealing to everyone is impeccable for our music and culture,” he wrote.

He gave her his blessing before urging her to keep it blazing.