Koffee Fans Clapped Back At Detractors Of Her Fashion Style


Koffee’s fans are burning a raging fire on detractors who are criticizing the teenager’s choice to outfit herself in an androgynous mode of dress, as her signature style.

They were reacting to a Star story published last week in which Koffee said, in responding to questions about her style of dress, she is never apprehensive about what people think of her personal style, even though she is quite aware that it does not “conform to certain standards and expectations.”

Koffee, who was speaking at a press briefing following her return to the island, on Monday, said her decision to wear a black-and-white Thom Browne three-piece suit and matching shoes at the recent Grammy Awards, was taken in a bid to feel as comfortable as possible in outfit which she would be able to “wear all day and still feel good and confident”. The St. Catherine native also explained that her dress code aids in her effort to be unique, without conforming or fitting into a box.

“If persons didn’t like the look, it simply means they would not wear it if they were the ones invited to the Grammys, so that’s good for them. I don’t have a word to say to the critics, I never want to bash them,” Koffee had told the media.

“I am a person who dresses to be comfortable; I did not allow the Grammy Awards name and won’t allow the title to stop me from doing that,” the Ardenne High School graduate had added.

Over on Instagram, fans declared that the Rapture artiste is free to dress as she wishes and that her attire does nothing to diminish her achievements or detract from her undeniable talent. They also lauded her for her humility and ability to remain unflappable in the face of criticisms.

“Nuff a dem a put in fake this and fake that jus for entertainment purpose and to fit the image and dem still can’t get a hit…she a be herself and a reach higher heights,” one fan said, while another stated: “Damn! If a woman wears a short dress or shows cleavage, y’all mad! Koffee chooses to cover up and y’all still mad!”

Over on Facebook, the outpouring of support for Koffee was the same. Many of the men lauded Koffee for the fact that she chose not to wear skimpy clothes and make herself a sex object like her fellow female Dancehall counterparts.

“They just want to criticise. Her outfit is what I figured she would wear. She is being herself, and she won, so put some respect on her name, and mind unu business… I’m happy she doesn’t have to be naked to get ratings. Big up youself!” one male fan said.

Another male fan posited: “What dem want her to do? Walk naked like the rest a female artists them? Baby girl nothing wrong with you dressing….just keep doing good music and don’t ever switch.”