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Story Of Vybz Kartel Getting Freed By Appeal Court Is A Hoax

Vybz Kartel is not yet a free man, so the story that has been circulating is a hoax.

The dancehall deejay’s attorney is dispelling rumors that the deejay’s appeal verdict has already arrived in his favor. Over the last few days, rumors have been circulating that the “Any Weather” deejay had come out of the other side of the storm. People received false reports through the grapevine that his appeal was successful, and congratulatory posts followed in short order on the socials. However, one of Vybz Kartel’s senior attorneys, Valerie Neita-Robertson, denies the rumors. She says they are yet to hear anything further concerning the appeal status or decision.

“It is nothing but a rumor. We have not got a date for the judgment as yet,” Neita-Robertson reportedly told the STAR. Rumors reportedly began after news got out about inmates at the detention facility where Vybz Kartel is being held allegedly celebrating the deejay’s life-changing news. Now that it’s being called out as a false report, fans are back to square one, waiting indefinitely.

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This appeal case has remained in the press for longer than most, primarily because of the length of time it’s taking the court to make a decision. It seems like the incarcerated deejay’s legal team has always managed to keep it relevant by feeding us tiny details here and there like the letter they received last year from the judge stating that the decision had reached “advanced stages.”

The delays in Adidja Palmer’s criminal case from the start, up to this point, have been regarded by some as unlawful and, even at times, sabotage. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear that the recent social media circus surrounding Kartel’s release allegedly being granted was just another ploy to maintain the relevance of the story and simultaneously prompt efficiency in the legal process. After all, public interest is the best tool to force a hand or, at the very least, incite urgency.

The controversy behind this whole legal situation has fueled fans to look at every piece of information thoroughly with great keenness. Some are even suggesting that the rumors we heard could very well be true but is being kept out of the media for now. The plot thickens.

Fans will be disappointed to learn that Vybz Kartel’s successful appeal and subsequent release is, for now, fake news, but they can’t say they’re not used to the wait.