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DaBaby Files Lawsuit Against Video Model Who He Claims Tried To Extort Him


DaBaby’s legal woes are not over just yet.

At the end of last year, “Bop” rapper DaBaby found himself on the wrong side of the law following a show in his hometown of Charlotte. Whilst he was performing, police officers allegedly searched his vehicle and discovered marijuana. It resulted in DaBaby being taken into custody and a citation being issued which seemed to spark a snowball affect to his recent run-ins with the law. If he hoped that all his legal issues were in the past, that is sadly not the reality.

According to the Blast, a model who starred in the music video for his track “Vibez” is alleging that the 2-second-long footage of her endorses pornography. The model, Marjorie Guaracho, issued a cease and desist letter to DaBaby’s label, Interscope, seeking punitive damages and attorney fees.

In response to the model’s claims, DaBaby’s team has filed a counter-suit on the basis that the video vixen was aware of the video’s nature, was paid for her appearance, and signed a release which voids needs rights.

This comes weeks after DaBay, born Jonathan Kirk, was involved in another police run-in while in Miami. This time, the matter was connected to a robbery investigation after members of his team supposedly assaulted and robbed a music music promoter who only paid DaBaby $20,000 of the $30,000 he was owed for a performance. Authorities arrested the artist on charges of battery after it emerged that he had an outstanding warrant related to a battery charge in Texas and kept him in custody for 48 hours.

“Please stop talking to me about that weak a** 48 hours I spent in jail and that failed attempt to break my spirits & interrupt the path I’m taking to my God given success,” the musician wrote on IG after his release. “Don’t allow yourself to be mislead by janky promoters and lazy a** grown men itching for the opportunity to file a lawsuit that they won’t win.”

We will see if he has any luck with this latest lawsuit.