Mavado Touch On Cassava Piece Shooting In “Truest Thoughts” Video

Mavado appears to be reflecting on his shooting incident in Cassava Piece in his new video, “Truest Thoughts.”

You get a sense that the Gully Ambassador dug deep into his soul for this one, singing his heart out as he recollects on some of the negatives of mankind. More specifically, Mavado reflects on how the friends whom he grew up with have disabled their sense of loyalty, due to them not being able to fully partake in the fruits of his labor. The emotions felt as the singer slowly traverses the track is priceless. As a listener noticed, the vibe feels like that of the ‘old Mavado’, who gave us Gangsta For Life (The Symphony Of David Brooks) in 2007.

In recent years, Mavado has touched a similar chord with the likes of “Progress” and “Father God.” The DJ Frass Records has no rush to it and feels like a stroll through an old community. This is what the video paints, as the full grayscale color scheme is used to bring across flashbacks as Vado, think about all that has happened to him.

The shots of young boys playing and riding their bicycles ties closely to what you would imagine a youth would be doing during Vado’s time as a boy. With that in mind, you cannot help but feel as if this song is directly aimed at persons from his old community of Cassava piece.

The singjay was forced to leave the country following a dispute with his son and other persons from Cassava Piece. The incidents that followed saw his son being jailed, among other unrest in the community.

Mavado’s “Truest Thoughts” can be streamed now on his YouTube channel.