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Young Thug Angered Kobe Bryant Fans With This Jesus Post

Young Thug

Young Thug managed to anger Kobe Bryant fans with a post he made on IG involving Jesus.

Young Thug has a history of poor social media choices, and his Thursday post featuring Kobe Bryant is the latest to offend many of his followers. The “Hot” rapper posted a meme on Instagram with a depiction of Kobe playing basketball against Jesus. The rendering shows Kobe getting crossed up on by Jesus, who is saying, “Oh you thought *** was sweet up here,” as Kobe falls to the ground.

Thugger posted the meme with the caption, “Just a little smile for you all”, surely intending to pay a lighthearted tribute to the NBA star who lost his life in a horrific helicopter accident last weekend. However, many of Young Thug’s followers found the post distasteful.

While some fans thought the post was funny, others felt it was far too soon after the tragedy to be making jokes. One comment, which was liked nearly 500 times, reads, “That was a bad joke,” another pleads with Young Thug, saying, “Thug hear me out…too soon”. Still, others in the comment section insist that Kobe had a sense of humor, and fans need something to laugh about after such a terrible event. Young Thug has yet to respond to any of the criticism and has not taken the post down.

Many fans were also confused by Thugger’s recent posts, given that he was confirmed hospitalized by DJ Akademiks only yesterday. The Atlanta rapper has had several mysterious hospital visits over the last year, sometimes posting pictures of himself with an IV or announcing a successful surgery without explaining why he needed one. Many fans in the comment section of his Kobe post celebrated that Thugger seems to be doing well if he is continuing to post memes and spark controversy. One confused fan responded, “We though u died wtf.”

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Just a little smile for your all?

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