Usain Bolt Foundation Donates Computers To Schools In Trelawny

Usain St.Leo Bolt is widely known for his sprinting abilities and his savvy business practices. However, Jamaica’s most decorated athlete also likes to sport his massive philanthropic hat, and that’s exactly what he did yesterday.

If you are to take a look at Bolt’s Instagram account, you will see the phrase, “Anything is possible I don’t think limits.” This is exactly the message he preached as he, along with his Usain Bolt Foundation, did their part to break down learning barriers for hundreds of young minds. They started by refurbishing the Granville Primary School ground and followed up by donating computers to the Albert Town Primary, Spring Garden Primary, Duanvale Primary, Waldensia Primary, Bellevue Primary, Falmouth All-Age, and the Granville Primary & Infant School.

The foundation partnered with Microsoft UK to acquire all the computer devices, meanwhile Digicel Jamaica hopped on board to provide the modems. Usain Bolt addressed the young audience at the award ceremony, and during his speech, the track star mentioned his humble background. “For me growing up wasn’t easy, it wasn’t perfect, it was hard for us. Sports really helped me to get where I am today but not everybody will be able to be a sports star,” mentioned Bolt.

Along with the devices, he offered the young audience something that is worth so much more than any device and that is the inspiration to dream big, “One thing you have to learn is that younger kids are not yet exposed to the world and they don’t know what’s out there and how big they can dream. A lot of people they don’t dream of big things because they don’t know the limits that are out there so for me this is one of the main reasons I started.”

While all the schools listed are from Bolt’s home parish of Trelawny, the sprinter did pledge to use his foundation to the benefit of other primary schools in other parishes.

His foundation has previously partnered with JN Foundation to assist the elderly in Trelawny. He also donated $1 million through his foundation to help victims of the fire that destroyed the Walker’s Place of Safety children’s home approximately two years ago.

What are your thoughts on Bolt’s speech?