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Love & Hip Hop Recap: Cyn Santana Confronts Tahiry Jose Over Joe Budden Hookup Rumors

Tahiry Jose and Cyn Santana finally came face to face on the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop.

At this point Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena should open a party planning business because they are always celebrating something! On the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop: New York the two celebrated Erica’s birthday, but not without the messiness and drama we have come to love and expect. First, let’s recap what happened with them on Monday night’s episode on VH1.

The episode kicked off with Erica and Tahiry Jose meeting up at a baby boutique to discuss Erica and Safaree’s lavish wedding. Topic of discussion quickly turned to fellow castmate Jonathan Fernandez who was not invited to the wedding, but came anyway as Yandy Smith’s “plus one.” Erica had a theory is that Jonathan’s goal for attending the wedding was just to spy on Tahiry and her ex Joe Budden on behalf of his best friend, Joe’s baby mother Cyn Santana.

Later in the episode we see Cyn and Jonathan meet up for dinner at her house to discuss what went down at the wedding. Johnathan spills all of the details about his altercation with Tahiry and Joe, and why he has an issue with them. The two friends had recently confronted Erica about trying to reignite flames between Joe and Tahiry just days before the wedding where Joe told Jonathan to mind his own business. “Am I just supposed to take the information and just not react to it?,” Jonathan said. “At the end of the day you guys are trying to co-parent and I feel like she is trying to throw a wrench into it.”

Cyn also said that she thinks the relationship between the two ex-lovers is all for show. “Tahiry don’t do s** over here. Whether they run off into the sunset or not. Whether they are friends or not. She don’t do s**t over here…I just don’t respect her as a woman because the last three and a half years that I spent with Joe she spent it in the comments [section] talking about us.” Cyn went on to say that she just finds it suspicious that the two are now getting close again.

Meanwhile Tahiry was dealing with a major health scare. The reality star said that she went to her doctor for a normal check up and mammogram and the results came back inconclusive. “There’s nothing like doing all of the right things to stay healthy and still ending up at the finish line f****d up,” she said. Tahiry also shared that she now needs an ultrasound so that the doctors know what it going on and that she is scared but it also prepared to fight whatever comes her way.

At the end of the episode we see everyone gathering for Erica’s birthday party. However, if you looked closely it looked more like it was Safaree’s birthday because images of him were set up around the entire room. Obviously Erica was a little upset that he didn’t take the time to make the party about her, and she even shares a few tears. However she was smiling in the end after he wrote and sang a song on stage and dedicated it to her.

The peaceful and happy atmosphere didn’t last long because as soon as Cyn and Jonathan walked in, tension filled the room. The two took a seat near the bar with Yandy where Tahiry approached them in an attempt to clear the air. After being met with hostility, Tahiry said that she was done trying to make peace. “Y’all can do this if you want to…Y’all wanna play and make me look crazy. I’m not doing it.”

A shouting match between her and Jonathon ensued before she approached the cameras and knocked it away screaming, “Do y’all ever stop filming?”

The fight doesn’t end there, but we’ll have to tune in next week to see how it all plays out.