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Kodak Black Transferred To New Prison, Release Date Set 2022

Kodak Black gets his wish and was transferred to a new prison. His release date was also made public.

Lawyers for Kodak Black and his mother called a news conference on Wednesday outside of a Miami federal prison, during which they intended to talk about Kodak’s alleged mistreatment while being housed there. Instead, it seems Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri, had been put on a bus to FTC Oklahoma City just an hour before his defense team arrived. One of Kapri’s attorney’s, Devon Jacob, claimed he had given the Miami institution advance notice of their arrival, and that moving Kapri at the last minute was an intentional decision made to deprive the rapper of his constitutional rights.

Kodak Black has been in prison since May when he was arrested on weapons charges and eventually sentenced to three years, with a release date in August of 2022. In December, Kodak spoke out on Instagram about an incident during which he claims to have endured abuse after being drugged.

Black wrote on Instagram, “…I was laced with an unknown substance here in Miami, FDC. That substance gave me an out of body experience and had me feeling like I was possessed and dying.” Black claims he was then denied medical attention, at which point he got into an altercation with another inmate before the rapper was pepper-sprayed by a correctional officer. He wrote, “Even after I was on the floor they continued to strike me and deploy more people.”

An assistant U.S. attorney, as well as an FBI agent, claims the CO involved was seriously injured, but Kodak believes the entire incident was planned and that the CO is using his fame to garner attention and possibly sue Kodak for his injuries. Kodak’s mother, Marcelene Simmons, issued a desperate plea for her son’s safety, saying, “I want to make sure my son is okay! I don’t want my son to die. If they kill my son, I’ll kill myself, too. Please someone help me.”

According to the Miami Herald, Kodak Black’s new attorney and his mother say they haven’t seen the rapper in weeks and were surprised to learn that he was put on a bus and sent to a prison in another state.