Dancehall Deejay Praj-X Murdered In Spanish Town, R.I.P

Dancehall deejay Praj-X was found dead in St. Catherine, Jamaica, yesterday.

The family of dancehall artist Praj-X, whose real name is Peter Porter, is in shambles after being alerted by the police that the deejay was found dead in Spanish Town. According to Praj-X’s manager Andrew Powell who spoke with Jamaica STAR, the last thing they knew of the deejay was that he was to complete a car sale transaction and had made it to Kingston, but they are not sure what led to his body being discovered in Spanish Town. Praj-X was found badly beaten, but there were no signs of gun shot or stab wounds.

“His girlfriend said him did gone sell him car, and the last thing we hear is that him did deh Three Miles. So him reach town and somehow end up a Spanish Town,” Powell told the STAR. “Police call him grandmother ’round 10:00 am this morning (Tuesday) to identify his body. He had no stab wounds, no bullet holes, nothing, just badly beaten,” he shared.

The Chapleton Police department reports that the deejay went missing around 3:00 pm on Monday. According to Praj-X’s manager Andrew Powell, most of his family members live abroad, and he is practically the only one that was residing in Jamaica at the time of his death. “His mother and everybody just mash up. Dem just cyaan believe. Like nobody nuh really out here fi him, most of his family overseas. A him alone really deh Jamaica,” he said.

Powell went on to say that Praj-X was his primary focus as an artist manager. “He is my artiste weh mi invest so much of mi time and money inna ’cause mi believe inna him. Mi have him as part of mi family. Cause mi work with many other artiste, all Fambo and dem, but mi have him as mi main artiste. Is like when yuh go have a baby and yuh buy up clothes and Pampers and then the baby nuh born,” Powell told the publication.

Praj-X is best known for his song “Plantain,” which is a remix of Jada Kingdom’s popular song “Banana,” as well as “Brimmy,” his collaboration with Tommy Lee and other tracks like “Sexy and Bad” and “Richness.” May his soul rest in peace.