Govana Strikes Up A Conversation In “Convo” Video, Watch It


Govana hit a nerve with this one.

Govana is doing it big with Humans and Monsters Are Not The Same, providing another brilliant video, this time for a witty but powerful track titled “Convo.” Convo takes the form of Govana engaging in a phone call with Chris, played by Deno Crazy. Chris is the husband of Keisha, who Govana is currently bedding, while Chris is out of the country trying to make money for his household.

The dialogue you hear on the audio track is done by Govana. However, Deno’s portrayal is crazily good and on point, giving all the right facial expressions. The phone call ultimately turns into a realization of the infidelities of his wife, which escalates into Deno reaching for a knife to harm himself and his lady, but all ends well as Govana actually schools Deno on the perils of dating a Jezebel.

Govi definitely unlocked a new level with this latest track and video. Not only does the video offer a major comic relief, but it also brings violence against women to the forefront. Govi himself condemns the act in the video after Fyre Stick tries to persuade Chris to commit violent acts against his wife. He steps in and pleads with Fyre Stick to “encourage the man and tell him no violence against woman.”

Govana posted a snippet of the video to his Instagram and used the caption to thank the persons involved in producing the track and the music video. “HAMANTS CONVO OUT NOW!! PRODUCED AND MIXED BY @EMUDIO VISUALS BY @ruptiondiboss HAMANTS OUT NOW BIG UP CHRIS @deno_crazy A MAD THING,” Govana.

The fans are also in love with the new release, mentioning that it is being presented at the perfect time, “Govi this is raw talent mi g….and it released in the right time when the relationships need to be addressed and Only deno could do that part…!!!.. Breda a you a di monster… 4genna fi life.”

Some persons are quoting their favorite lines from the video. The crowd favorite seems to be Deno’s line to his wife, “Yave Ambition, mi rate that.”

“Convo” is available for streaming on Youtube.