Vanessa Bling Drops New Single “Diss Mi” Listen It

Vannessa Bling is casting away all doubts that she has fallen off with her new track, “Diss Mi.”

The “Always” singer unlocks her bad girl persona as she tells all the negative things her past lover has done, with multiple cases of infidelities being among the main thing causing her stress. She assures him that she is done with the relationship and wants him to leave, even proposing that she finds herself in the comforts of another man. This marks Vanessa Bling’s first release since the start of the year.

The Leftside produced track is the first 2020 release for the Gaza princess, and it seems that it is creating quite a buzz for the. If we are to take what is happening in the comment section as a gauge of how great the track is, then Vanessa Bling should see “Diss Mi,” climbing up the charts in fine style. It seems a majority of the listeners are females and we understand why as she sings, “Me wa tek back the f**k dem wa me gi yuh / All the stress yuh put me through all the years dem wa me gi yuh / Weh you M**ma get you from me wa meet her / Sen yuh back up inna her make you reborn / don’t test me faith, underestimate / not the type to play with me will go real hard.”

The artiste did tease the track on her Instagram page with a fiery in-studio performance a week ago. However, the multiple cases of female abuse and death by the hands of their lovers are now bringing this track into perspective, making the time of release fitting.

“Diss Me” is available for streaming on Youtube.