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Future’s Alleged Baby Mama Cindy Parker Scores Big Win In Court: Reports


Future’s alleged baby’s mama, Cindy Parker, scored a major victory in her court battle against him.

Recently, Cindy Parker took to Instagram to share some divine wisdom with followers, posting 1 Timothy 5:8, reading: “If anyone does not provide for his relatives, especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” Obviously, Cindy has had enough of Future’s antics, and in a hearing on Friday, so had their judge, who finally allowed Cindy to serve Future with her paternity lawsuit through his legal representation after she was unable to locate the rapper, Bossip reported.

Last year, Cindy sued the “March Madness” rapper for paternity, custody, and child support after she claims he fathered and abandoned their son, Legend. So what doe all this mean for the 36-year-old rapper? It means Cindy can finally proceed with her case. Once Future is officially served with paperwork, he will have roughly three weeks to respond or risk being hit with a default judgment.

While Future was probably somewhere planning Lori Harvey’s 23rd birthday celebration, his alleged baby’s mamas were busy. Apparently, while Cindy waited for the court’s decision, she took matters into her own hands. Last month, Cindy submitted a DNA test as evidence in the case, which revealed her baby boy was more than 99 percent likely to be half-siblings with the daughter of another woman, Eliza Reign, who also sued Future last year over paternity.

Future who was spotted in Jamaica earlier this week celebrating with new girlfriend, Lori Harvey, has not commented on the updates in the case and has been relatively quiet about Cindy claims throughout the year. Cindy has also not publicly commented on the case, but she has made her feelings known about the rapper through her recent Instagram rant, where she subliminally trashed the rapper’s character.

Cindy posted a Jay-Z quote on Instagram shortly before the bible verse that read, “A man that don’t take care his family can’t be rich.” She captioned the post,” nobody wins when the family feuds.”