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Yung Joc Addresses Passenger Who Clowned Him For Being A Rideshare Driver

Yung Joc says he received more support than hate following a now-viral video of him driving for a new ride-share company.

This week Atlanta rapper and reality star Yung Joc made headlines when a video surfaced of him behind the wheel driving for a new app called “Pull Up N Go.” In the now viral-video a passenger is heard asking Joc if he “fell off.” But on Tuesday the Love & Hip Hop star streamed into TMZ to address the claims, letting the world know he proudly drives for “Pull Up N Go” because it teaches the kids he mentors that there’s nothing wrong with hard work.

The “It’s Going Down” rapper called in from his car wearing a red, “Pull Up” hat and began explaining how his new desire to lead by example has a lot to do with his recent affiliation to the Big Brother, Big Sisters organization.

Yung Joc says in the clip you have to show people you aren’t too “big” to make an honest living, “A lot of times that’s why our kids [and even adults] go astray because they are too ashamed, or too prideful,” says Joc. The ATL-rapper shared that he heard about the app from a friend, thought it sounded cool and decided to check another thing off his bucket list by signing up to be a driver.

The rapper humbly dismissed any claims that he “fell off” or maybe struggling for coins… and highlighted the importance of individuals having multiple streams of income; he’s a radio personality in town, appears on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and just opened a new club.

Joc was in the middle of a ride — we can see the passenger in the back seat during the video — and so he kept his message short and positive.