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50 Cent & Snoop Dogg Trolls Kanye West For Allegedly Falling Off Horse, Kim Kardashian Respond

50 Cent and Snoop Dogg ceased on the opportunity to troll Kanye West for allegedly falling off a horse in church.

Over the weekend, a video began making rounds that claimed to depict Kanye West falling from a horse while leading a church service. The video was blurry and did not show the man’s face in detail, but many people suspected the story was legitimate simply because it seemed like something Kanye would do. Turns out, the video is old and existed long before Kanye’s Sunday Service shows even began. However, that didn’t stop celebrities like 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg from joining in the fun by posting the video on their social media accounts.

Despite the video being of someone else, there were way too many jokes to be made about the egocentric Kanye finally “falling from his high horse.”

Kanye West’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, however, didn’t think the many posts were funny at all. She took to Twitter to address the false video, saying, “Please where is the fact checking?!?! I have seen this false story circulating. This is not Kanye and this is not the Sunday Service Choir.” While everyone regrettably accepts that the video doesn’t feature Yeezy, it doesn’t change that falling off a horse in church is very Kanye-like these days.

Kanye might be easy to take shots at, but the fact remains that his last two albums, Jesus is King and Jesus is Born, continue to have major success on the charts. Jesus is Born, which is credited to Kanye’s Sunday Service Choir, was released on Christmas day and has been populating the gospel charts with its singles ever since. Kanye’s unexpected shift to gospel music is only the latest in a stream of unconventional career moves for a rapper, but there’s no denying that even the most outlandish choices seem to be working for him.

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