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Roddy Ricch Roast Justin Bieber After Asking Fans For Fake Stream To Get No. 1 Song

Roddy Ricch is roasting Justin Bieber after the pop star begged fans to fake stream his song “Yummy” to help him reach No. 1 on Billboard.

Justin Bieber’s desperate attempt to reach No. 1 on the Hot 100 chart may have done more harm than good for the promotion of his (lackluster) single, but at least he still has one fan, Roddy Rich. Compton rapper Roddy Ricch’s hit song, “The Box” surpassed Justin Bieber’s “Yummy,” this week claiming the number 1 spot on Spotify charts, and Bieber seems a little shook by the newcomer’s success. Currently, “The Box” has the most streams in the United States and is projected to take the no.1 spot on the Billboard’s Hot 100, a coveted slot for the pop icon who has recently begun trolling Ricch in a seemingly failed attempt to mobilize fan-support.

Instead of mobilizing fans, Justin Bieber and his team seemed to stir quite an uproar after they urged the Beliebers to buy the song multiple times on his website or play the song on Spotify at a low volume while they sleep. In a now-deleted post-Bieber shared more ways fans could help him achieve his sixth No. 1 single for what he is calling his “comeback.”

Many followers took to the Internet to express their utter disgust with Bieber’s actions.

It seems as if no one could resist taking a jab at Justin Bieber for his ridiculous stunt, including Roddy, who joined in on the action. On Saturday afternoon, Roddy took to Twitter to encourage his fans to do the one thing they’ve definitely avoided doing: “stream yummy by justin bieber.”

“Justin Bieber.. One of the biggest pop-stars in the world is begging for streams so he can beat Roddy Ricch for that #1 spot.. This is crazy,” one fan tweeted.