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Steve Harvey Breaks Silence On Lori Harvey & Future Relationship

Steve Harvey has very little to say about his stepdaughter, Lori Harvey, dating rapper Future.

The origin of a father walking the bride down the aisle dates back to a time of arranged marriages, where the “giving away” of the bride represented the transfer of ownership. While Lori Harvey is not getting married just yet, father Steve Harvey is still in quite a conundrum as he doesn’t “know anything” about who his daughter, or perhaps he simply don’t want to discuss her relationship with Future.

We are no longer living in a time of arranged marriages, and daughters are allowed to choose who they want to marry. With this in mind, it is not strange that Steve did not have any comments on his daughter’s relationships when approached by paparazzi. However, many would find this hard to believe, especially when living in the age of social media where information is readily available, and yes, there is a whole lot available on Future and Lori Harvey.

The paparazzi posed questions to Steve as he and Corey Gambles shopped on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Steve Harvey was questioned about who Lori was dating, to which he answered, “I don’t know nothing about that.” The comedian gave a similar answer when asked what he thought of Atlanta rapper Future.

Lori Harvey has been linked to various high profile names in the music industry, including Trey Songz, Diddy, and his son and now Future. Future and Lori have been spending a whole lot of time together, first vacationing in Abu Dhabi back in December, before heading to Lagos, Nigeria, where Hndrxx was slated to perform.

While Steve has not actually publicly commented on the relationship his daughter is having with the “Mask Off” rapper, he did allegedly prohibit him from coming to Thanksgiving dinner. Sources close to the Harvey’s claimed that Steve Harvey is not happy about the relationship.

The rapper currently has 6 different children with as many different baby mothers. What are your thoughts on the way Steve is handling the media when it comes on to his daughter?