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K. Michelle Hit Back At Uncle Murda, Calls Him A Clown

K. Michelle has finally clapped back at Uncle Murda over his Tekashi 6ix9ine remarks.

There is no love lost between K. Michelle and Uncle Murda. Each year, the “Dope Money” rapper releases an annual wrap up of all the pop culture moment which occurs during the year. 2019’s “Rap Up” includes mention of K. Michelle in light of remarks she had made about Tekashi 6ix9ine. The “FEFE” rapper is currently doing time for his involvement with the notorious Nine Trey Gangsters. While 6ix9ine is serving a two-year sentence, rumors had it that he was getting out a lot sooner, which prompted K. Michelle to tweet her approval.

The public co-signs made Uncle Murda’s eyes roll so hard that he vowed to grant the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star a special place in his “Rap Up 2019”.

“I thought that was kind of wack when I saw her do that this time around,” he told Hot 97. “She was just like, ‘He didn’t snitch on me, I’m happy he’s comin’ home,’ stuff like that. It was kind of weak. I actually know people that’s locked up over the corny sh*t Tekashi did. Me and her don’t really like each other anyway. It’s my fault. I’m not going to sit here and act like she did.”

K. Michelle said on the Trick & Trina Morning Show that she and Murda have “never met. Never been in the same room.”

In reference to the ‘honorable mention’ on his track, the singer said, “Just pickin’ on a black woman for no reason who you don’t know anything about just so you can get clicks and you’ve said it before and then say, ‘I’ll sleep with her though.’ Like, that type of thing, that’s clown sh*t to me. So Imma let you continue to be a clown and I’m just a woman out here making a lotta money.”

As they say, the best revenge is living well.