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Uncle Murda Says K. Michelle Played Herself By Co-signing Tekashi 6ix9ine

Uncle Murda is offloading on K. Michelle for giving Tekashi 6ix9ine a major co-sign.

Tekashi 6ix9ine is currently serving time in a jail cell for racketeering amongst other charges, but not everyone is keen to hang out with him when he gets out. After being arrested just over a year ago due to his involvement with the Nine Trey Gangsters, Daniel Hernandez was sentenced to two years imprisonment in a Manhattan court on December 18th. The sentence was a vast reduction from the 47 years originally attached to all the charges he faced, thanks to his co-operation with prosecutors in testifying against his fellow Bloods gang members.

The 24-month sentence means that 6ix9ine will be sitting behind bars for a while, though rumors claimed that the “FEFE” rapper might be released in July 2020. Although that proved false, some are already looking towards the future, like K. Michelle.

The “I just Can’t Do This” singer posted a tweet which read, “Idc idc I’m happy 69 is getting out. That man is so entertaining & I like his music.Sh*t he didnt snitch on me, and if somebody tried to kill me I’m snitching 2, and I’m snitching on you cheating n***as. Lol. Half these rappers y’all like ARE NOT ABOUT THAT LIFE. Big FACTS.”

As entertaining as 6ix9ine might be, not everyone is in agreement with K. Michelle — namely Uncle Murda. The “Dope Money” rapper was so bemused by the singer’s remarks that he has decided to include her in his annual “Rap Up” song where he goes over all the pop culture moments that took place during the last 12 months that we’ve probably forgotten about by the time December rolls around.

“I wasn’t even thinking about her until I saw this stupid sh*t congratulations you played ya self you just made the 2019 Rap Up #ComingSoon,” Murda wrote on IG while sharing a screenshot of Michelle’s original tweet.

Well, they say that all publicity is good publicity.