Future’s Alleged Baby Mama Gets Court Date For Paternity Case

Future’s alleged baby mamas will soon have their day in court.

For months, two women have claimed that the “Turn on the Lights” rapper has fathered their two respective children — something which he vehemently denies. Eliza Seraphin and Cindy Parker are adamant that their daughter and son are part of the Wilburn clan, along with the other 6 children Future has fathered with Ciara, Jessica Smith, Brittni Mealy, India J, and Joie Chavis. So convinced are the women that, despite being from Florida and Texas, they met up to conduct a DNA test on their kids. The data showed that Seraphin’s daughter Reign and Parker’s son Legend have a 99.9% chance of being siblings.

Despite the practically irrefutable evidence that Future is the sperm donor in both cases, the hip hop artist has dodged the claims and even tried to get a gag order in place against Seraphin shortly before Christmas, citing “false and baseless allegations.” Parker also alleged that Future has tried to pay her off to keep her silence but that she refused the sum of money in the hopes that she would win a case for child support and partial custody.

Future will now have to try even harder to keep his controversial baby-making streak quiet as Parker and Seraphin have approached the courts themselves. Parker has submitted the DNA test to a Texas court with a judge setting down a date for January 17th, The Blast reported. Future will likely be required to send a representative to the hearing to make arguments against the possible paternity. The arguments will have to be stronger than both Seraphin and Parker’s to convince the judge not to settle the matter then and there and grant them child support and force Future to have partial custody of the children.

Future’s future isn’t looking too bright.