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50 Cent Takes Another Swipe At French Montana With Avatar Benz

50 Cent is not letting French Montana have the last say in their Bugatti war.

Bugatti formed the basis of the beef between rappers 50 Cent and French Montana. It all started when 50 Cent trolled French for copping a used decade-old Bugatti Veyron and flexing with it on the gram. French got the car as a form of gift to himself after getting out of the hospital, and with the car costing about 1.5 Million, he definitely paid a pretty penny.

This sparked numerous attacked from French who went in on Fif, possibly looking to end his trolling career for good. The “Lockjaw” rapper did battle 50 at his own game, bringing up topics such as 50’s age, the fact that he allegedly owed over 21k to the mechanics who worked on his Bently and the fact that he posed with rental cars for an episode of MTV Cribs.

The attacks began to get pretty bizarre when photoshopped images of 50 kissing Eminem began circulating. There was also a video of Celina Powell allegedly claiming that the “Candy Shop” rapper showed his freaky tendencies when he is in the bedroom. French then went for the juggler when he posted a video documenting 50’s “Snitch Papers.”

50’s latest jab saw him showcasing the autonomous Avatar-inspired Mercedes-Benz concept car, named AVTR. We are not sure if 50 is looking to get his hands on it. However, he did ensure that everyone knew it was brand new and not from 2008, which is the year the model French purchased was made. He captioned the video “thats nice new sh*t, [laughing emoji] no 08 POWER is back tune in. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac #abcforlife feb 11”

50 cent has kept the majority of his attack focussed around the toys that started it all. Is it because he is unable to find any other dirt on French? Also, do you think that this will end the beef or is there more to come from French and Fif?