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Love & Hip Hop: Spice Bought Her Sister A New Ride For Her Birthday

Spice got her sister a brand new SUV for her birthday.

Dancehall veteran and Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Spice has been having an exceptionally great last few years in her music career. The mom of two who is also the first Jamaican ever to bring home an MTV TV/Movie Award stars on American reality TV and even started her own local talk show powered by Magnum tonic wine, a brand that she became an ambassador for in 2019.

All her recent achievements are quite telling of the come up that Spice’s career has had over the last few years, and it would be odd if she wasn’t reaping the rewards. The deejay just got her younger sister a brand new white Honda CRV for her birthday. She shared the moment on social media when she revealed the plush gift to her sibling. After explaining the rules to her sister while she was blindfolded, warning her not to look around when the tie is removed, Spice unveiled the first present, which was a bundle of hair (maybe a few bundles). The “Cool It” singer’s sister was visibly disenchanted by the token after the build-up of anticipation, but she tried to be nice about it, saying, “Well I really wanted hair.”

Spice, who earlier told her sister that she had three gifts for her, then said, “Your gift is behind you. Happy birthday,” prompting her sister to turn around to her brand new pearly white wheels with a big red bow on the bonnet. This sent Spice’s big sister into a screaming fit of excitement that ended in the two hugging and celebrating with each other.

“Bought my Lil sis a Car for her birthday,” Spice wrote in her Instagram caption. “Happy Birthday @fenisehamilton for some reason she thinks she’s the sh*t cause she shares the same birthday as @vybzkartel. I love you sis, we grew up head and tail sleeping on one bed together, we struggled together, cried together, fight with each other and we sure as hell gonna share our success together HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now I have another reason for you to make my tea at nights,” the deejay said all in good fun.

It’s great to see Spice still putting family first and making her success theirs too. Check out the beautiful moment that was captured on camera.