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G Herbo Pleads Guilty In Assault Case Involving Baby Mama Ari Fletcher

G Herbo cops a plea deal in his assault case involving baby mama Ari Fletcher to avoid jail time.

In exchange for his freedom, rapper G Herbo has pled guilty in a battery case involving the mother of his child, Ariana Fletcher. The incident occurred in Atlanta last April when Herbo assaulted Fletcher during an argument, allegedly dragging her by hair and scratching her arm. By pleading guilty, G Herbo, whose real name is Herbert Randall Wright III, was able to get off without any jail time, provided he doesn’t violate any of the terms of his probation. His sentence includes a full year of probation, the completion of 150 hours of community service, and a 24-week family violence intervention program, TMZ reported

This is not Wright’s first time dealing with legal issues. In 2018, Herbo was arrested along with two other men when their limousine driver called the police on the group for carrying weapons. All three were charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon when they were found to be without firearm owner identification cards.

G Herbo’s April 2019 arrest, however, occurred after his baby’s mother posted on Instagram detailing the alleged assault. Fletcher claimed, “He kicked my door down to get in my house because I wouldn’t let him in, beat the f*ck out of me in front of my son, then he took my son outside to his friends and have them drive off with my son.”

In response to the accusations, G Herbo responded with his own side of the story, claiming that he came to Fletcher’s house to retrieve jewelry she had stolen from his mother. Taking to Instagram Live himself, the “Swervo” rapper claimed, “I’ve been quiet all this time. I ain’t do no insurance claim or try to get you locked up. Nothing. You told me to come to Atlanta to get the jewelry back.” Despite this defense, Herbo is now confirming the assault allegations, and he will have to stay out of any and all trouble to remain out of jail.